Commercial HSSE Implementer & QHSSE Support

Job Purpose

Reporting to the HSSEQ Manager, the purpose of the role is to :

  • Identify and manage HSSE risks across the Retail, B2B, HR Class of Business.
  • Implement VE HSSE Policies and standards in Retail, B2B, HR and provide specialist advice and support to the staff and assist line function in the discharge of their responsibilities as set out in the HSSE Management System.
  • Evaluate HSSE performance in Retail, B2B, HR and monitor implementation of the HSSE Management
  • System to achieve business success through HSSE excellence.
  • Actively work on the Maintain of the Triple certification-ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ ISO 45001- through effective monitoring and implementation of defined actions in coordination with action owners.

Principal Accountabilities

Policies, Standards, Laws, HSSE Management System:

  • Facilitate Vivo Energy Standards-Policies, Health and Safety-Environmental Laws- compliance review exercise for Retail/B2B/HR, identify remedial actions and allocate responsibilities for compliance actions.
  • Work with Retail/B2B/HR team to implement HSSE Management System regarding Retail/B2B/HR and close any identified gap

Risk Management:

  • Facilitate Hazard and Effects Management Process /Health Risk Assessment for Retail/B2B/HR, contribute to risk studies, identify controls, allocate responsibilities for control measures and provide advise to achieve As
  • Low as Reasonably Practicable, follow up timely implementation


  • Agree HSSE targets for Retail/B2B/HR with line manager, contribute to annual process for objectives setting, collate Retail/B2B/HR input in a bottom up” approach and monitor monthly performance
  • Develop Annual HSSE Action Plans for Retail/B2B/HR and monitor its implementation
  • Ensure timely notification, investigation and reporting of Retail/B2B/HR incidents in line with up to date procedures;
  • Facilitate investigation/analysis of all incidents, participate in reviews by Commercial/HR manager, follow-up recommendations
  • Draft LFI “Learning from Incidents” following final incident report on a timely and complete manner and share
  • Be responsible for effective cascade of all LFIs and also share with other departments/HSSE team.

Monitoring/Corrective Actions:

  • Review Retail/B2B/HR HSSE performance on a monthly and timely basis, agree corrective action plans with line manager and contribute to achievement of continuous improvement


  • Participate in Site/Activity internal HSSE audits in line with Annual HSSE Audit Plan
  • Participate in Retail Sites operational audits with at least 3 audits with each of the Territory Managers for 3 different sites. Include CCTV audit.
  • Perform HSSE visits in line with plan in Retail sites under construction or refurbishment: Perform operational reception on site in coordination with Engineering and Network team.
  • Perform Permit to work audit for Retail/B2B/HR operational sites/Head office.
  • Participate in Greenbanding process as a representative of HSSE function.
  • Perform Hotels Vetting in coordination with HR/CP.

Competence development:

  • Assist Retail/B2B/HR teams to close their HSSE Competence gaps in line with VE HSSE mandatory trainings.
  • Assist B2B teams to train B2B customers in coordination with QHSSE Mgr. and as per customer’s request.

QHSSE support:

  • QHSSE procedures and files continuous update/set up preparation on a timely basis.
  • HSSE weekly/monthly/quarterly data & KPIs preparation and submission on a timely basis including tracking tools and HSSE comity presentation file.
  • SMQSE monthly/six-monthly/annual data & KPIs preparation on a timely basis in liaison with Processes Pilots including SMQSE review meeting presentation file.
  • Continuous support to Pilots as per request (to implement actions & improve their processes) and documentation reception & verification including necessary uploads in Shared Folder and required files updated.


Job Knowledge, Skills & Experiences:

(Specify educational background, competencies and experience typically required to perform the job fully and effectively.)

  • Graduate in engineering or equivalent/ Master in QHSSE
  • 3-7 years’ experience in industry or mining company or associated fields
  • 3-7 years’ experience in implementing/coordinating an SMQSE
  • Good knowledge of HSSE Policies, Standards, Procedures, Processes,
  • Excellent communication skills and negotiation skills
  • Good training and facilitation skills